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 Zibo Rongruida career in plant material "graduated rare earth" basis transformation, the main system for rare earth hydrochloric multilevel method of separation, with a number of advanced extraction equipment, fully automatic temperature of cigarettes production lines, mainly La, Ce, Pr, Nd, Y, Ga, Er, Sem, Eu, Gd, polishing kinds series products. A chloride, carbonate, nitrate, sulfate, acetate salt, hydroxide, oxides of Gechongfeibiao salts. Enterprises used internationally advanced level ion filtration equipment industrial production level, chemical reagents level, and rare earth salts -- nitric acid lanthanum, cerium nitrate, nitric acid yttrium, cerium ammonium nitrate, nitric acid zirconium, zirconium oxide nitric acid, nitric acid neodymium, praseodymium, with nitric acid crystallization granularity homogeneous, low impurities, a high solubility, high-purity, Your solution to the various forms of participation in the movement and range of materials, it is not only the liquid -- the most secure and mixed forms but more is fluid -- fluid in the form of the most affected.
¡¡I plant growing product mix and increase new product development efforts and to explore a set of special products granularity control methods and processes, production of new products --- minuscule, large particles, the small particles, Ko Chun-density, high-oxides career worse than is, after the ...

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 Lanthanum(III) nitrate hexahydrate
 lanthanum oxide
 cerium dioxide
 ceric nitrate
 ceric ammonium nitrate
 yttrium oxide
 Yttrium nitrate
 zirconium tetranitrate
 zirconium dioxide
 Zirconyl nitrate solution
 Cerium tetrahydroxide
 Lanthanum chloride
 Lanthanum acetate hydrate
 Lanthanum carbonate
 Lanthanum hydroxide hydrate
 Gadolinium Nitrate Hexahydrate
 Cerium carbonate
 Cerium(III) acetate sesquihydrate
 cerous sulfate
 cerium fluoride
 praseodymium oxide
 praseodymium(iii) nitrate hexahydrate
 Praseodymium Carbonate
 Praseodymium sulfate
 praseodymium oxalate
 neodymium oxide
 neodymium(iii) nitrate hydrate
 zirconium oxychloride
 Dierbium trioxide
 Samarium oxide
 Gadolinium oxide
 Zibo Rongruida career in plant material
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